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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
Everyone's dampening preferences seem to be a little different. I found a dampner really tames the deflections when the bike's steering head angle is setup for woods (read steep) esp at speed.
I was primarily trolling that those comments, but can't say I've had issues with deflections unless I straight punch a tree (which I do surprisingly often).. that said I also weight 250# and run at least 30" bars so I still have decent leverage even with my forks set steep.

Truth is it's like a Recluse. I'm afraid to give it an honest try because I might like it and have to add another outrageously expensive item to the "must have" accessory list... and really, how am I supposed to throw all those nak-nak-360-superman-backflip-nohanders with damping in the way?

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