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Sure: The bike is a naked '92 R100RT with all the pollution crap removed and Staintune Sport mufflers.

I started with a close ratio gear set. I swapped the intermediate shaft helical gear for the later pressure face angle and at the same time put a beefier input shaft and cush drive. The CR first gear got into the much larger cush drive so we had to machine it back down just a RCH. I kept the stock 33/11 FD. Love it!

Then I put a sport cam in, titanium spring retainers, and cleaned up the ports a bit. Loved it. Big diff right off the bat. 32mm carbs stayed stock except for much leaner 262 needle jets. (Increased reversion really richened up idle and just off idle.)

Then a friend gave me some 38mm PHM rubber mounted Dell's with no choke bodies. I filed about a third of the velocity stack threads off so the airbox snorlels fit right on the carbs like a 32mm Bing. Real clean looking IMO and it works! I started with R90S jetting and leaned it WAY out for a LOT more power. I disconnected the pumps and ended up with 130 mains among many other changes. All that got me around 30% more power from stock with great power all the way through the rev range to up above 8k rpm. Over the 32mm Bings, way more mostly midrange and top end. Not as big of a difference as just the cam but I love it!

Then 70,000 miles later with 101,000 total, my exhaust guides were toasted. New guides. 42 to 44mm intake valves and a LOT of port work. My ports were badly mismatched. I took out a LOT of meat matching them up. Redid my intake valve to seat ID ratio by hand. Took .025 off the heads. Put new cylinders and 9.5:1 pistons in. (I had one compression ring groove wearing like they do so I sprung for all new.) New titanium retainers. Mine were hammered! Manton 4130 pushrods. Dual plugged it with the stock bean can and two .7 ohm Dyna's. Remapped the ignition curve from 6 to 32 degrees to 6 to 28. That's it engine wise. I have yet to do some airbox experiements with the new setup.

Chassis: Fox twin clicker. Preloaded stock fork springs. Forks are on backwards. Headlight and handle bar windshield are frame mounted via a modified RT/RS front fairing/headlight mount. /6 style ignition switch. EBC organic pads. Steel braided brake line. K1 bars. San Jose top tree. A whole bunch of worthless IMO crap taken off including the side covers and their mounts. It's a whole big box worth of crap. That's about it. I will hopefully have some pictures in a month or so. I forgot to add that I cut weight by running a 19 amp battery too. I have better luck with them than the bigger batteries. They weight a lot less and they don't make your bike look like thay have a boat battery in them.

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