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He's Down Again!
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Moab Day 2...

Another beautiful day, plus 70f and sunny! We headed out this morning with the idea that we would go up the La Sal's to Geyser Pass and then head back down. The ride up was nice and we got lucky, as the road was closed just past where we turned up Geyser Pass road. It was a nice ride up until about 9,300' where snow started to appear on the road. This made things very slippery and tough going. At 10,095' BackRoader, 2whlrider and Mark96 decided to turn around and head back to a nice sunny warm pasture at about 9,700'. I continued on another 5kms to the top of Geyser Pass at 10,510' and then return quickly back down to the waiting group.

BackRoader and 2whlrider on road up La the Sal Mountains

Snow starts to appear as Mark96 pushes on

Geyser Pass

After the attempt at Geyser, we headed back into town, gassed up and headed for Gemini Bridges, which is two arches side by side with only a 6' gap between them. Think you can jump the 6' inbetween did two people that I heard of. One last year, who plunged to their death over a hundred feet onto the rock below. After a few photos there, 2whlrider, BackRoader wanted to see the start of Metal Masher, so I joined them while Mark96 headed out to ride elsewhere. We went a little ways up Metal Masher so they could see what part of it was like and then headed back out to the highway and looped back to the Hotel. 2whlrider and I continued up to Slickrock while BackRoader toured the town.

On the road to Gemini Bridges

2whlrider passing the "Goonie Bird"

2whlrider on top of Gemini Bridges

Start of Metal Masher

Jumping up a little ledge

Going down some rough stuff at the start of Metal Masher

2whlrider and I visited the old Lions Back, Hells Revenge start, Baby Lions Back and Slickrock. I ran Baby Lions Back again and did a short loop on Slickrock. By now it was getting late in the day, so we headed back to the hotel and down to the pool to catch the last sun of the day and bask in the 70f sun

Lappeman on Baby Lions Back

Going down

Playing on Slickrock

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