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I was up that way the other day and mud was the last thing on my mind, although the dust has been knocked down a lot it is no where near muddy!!! Not sure what is expected on Thursday, but usually the road is in pretty good shape, it does not see a lot of traffic. I also think they (whoever "they" are) have done some very nice road maintenance on some of the Forest Route Roads. I noticed that they had run a grader on a good portion of the road climbing out of Briceburg. And there seems to be some new signage going up, I think they are cracking down on off-road vehicles traveling on the forest roads and need to sign in order to ticket! But that is just me!

I never made it into Yosemite using Old Yosemite either, so be interesting to hear how it goes, looks like it should not be a problem as most of those Forest Routes up that way are Big Bike Friendly.
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