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I'm currently holed up in Brooklyn, riding out the hurricane last night with my crew. The tour I'm on has now been cancelled so I'm going home soon and figured I should get to work posting up.
It's kind of hard to stay positive with all this destruction all around me, once again going through my photos and sharing them is my happy place to go to.
We went through a typhoon with widespread destruction and flooding while we were in Manilla this summer, I can't help but feel so helpless once again.

This Roadie is going to get into two wheeled motion once again, and I have so much catching up to do in here to get current…
My 40th bday is coming up soon and my present to myself is to spend some quality time on my bike and try to make some photos.

I feel this increasing pressure to live well, I know it's just a number, but I never even thought I would live to be this age.

One Life One Chance.

Back to happy times riding with Nancy last year….

Our first night camping in Colorado was very enjoyable, thought things changed quite quickly - like the weather in the mountains.

About sunrise it started to thunder and rain.

Nancy's a southern California girl, and like many southern California natives she has very little experience with rain, especially riding and camping while water falls from the sky. Matter of fact her experience with riding and camping in rain amounts to about never.

We knew this day would come, well at least I knew this day would come and had tried to prep her the best I could. Honestly I was excited, first off I love the sound of rain drops drumming the tight tent walls that I had taken the time to stake out and secure for any weather the night before.
It's a soothing sound, and after spending so many nights over the years sleeping on a moving tour bus I prefer sleeping with a steady background noise. So sleeping in the very well proven 100% water proof Big Agnes Emerald Mountain tent was always enjoyable, though it's been a while for me living in SoCal and all.
Second we were now moving into prime photo territory and nothing is better for interesting images than some nasty weather. Diffused lighting, imposing clouds on the horizon, muddy roads, water crossings - all great ingredients for impactful photo opportunities. (Shit, impactful's not a real word, oh well, it should BE!)

With a little rain there would be no more dust, as we were still trying to figure out the best way to ride together in duty conditions. If it stayed real light like this we would have no dust and even better traction on the gravel roads. Nancy was concerned about riding in the rain, luckily riding on wet gravel isn't nearly as scary as wet pavement with knobby tires, and there wasn't too much pavement in our future. My main concern was visibility since Nancy wears glasses and didn't have a proper Pinlock face shield to ward off the fog.

Anyways, I was hoping that the rain just kept going and we'd be stuck in the tent all day.

Not being so lucky the rain let up an hour later and then stopped, though once we emerged from the tent it was obvious we were just in a short break from the rain being in a hole, surrounded by dark clouds. No screwing around this morning, no coffee, just a bowl, the rain was now back to being light and we packed up quickly, with me taking the time to show Nancy how to strike the tent from inside the rainfly so as not to get the tent wet. (Nancy took care of the tent) I do carry an extra, small waterproof Event bag so in times like this I can separate my soaking wet tent fly, and the dry tent with groundcloth. Who knows if we would have enough time or the weather would allow me to dry out the tent tonight so there's no sense in getting it all wet by putting it in the same bag as the wet fly.

The rain came and went as we moved south into the Rocky Mountains and gained altitude... life was good.

There's just something satisfying about traveling on dirt roads with storm clouds looming. A true sense of adventure, we have nothing but our horse and our riding gear to protect us from nature.
This in no spectator sort, and we have Front Row seats to Our World!

OK, now Nancy being the badass that she is, came to this water crossing, and after the easy one (1st one....)she had the day before, she just hit it without fear..... making for a great photo, one of my favorites, but taking one for the team and for the sake of visual art was soaked and come out the other side totally missing the road!
As I watched her approach the smile got bigger cause I knew what would happen and just hoped she didn't hurt herself. The girl had little fear, and a little fear now and then is good.....

Won't be doing that again!!!

Around here our time on the Continental Divide Route/Trail was done, it was Trans America Trail time! We turned right, heading West.


It was somewhere around here that the rain started back, heavy this time, and since we were now around 9,000 feet it was also about 40ºF in the afternoon. We talked about it, and Nancy said she was all for pushing on and camping in this weather tonight, but I knew now would be a good time to get our first motel room of the trip.
After a couple of hot showers, some cold beers, a little laundry, and a big greasy pizza we relaxed in comfort. Life is good.
No shame in being warm, dry, clean, and full.

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