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Originally Posted by mickman View Post
Thanks for replys. GS 1150. Laziness is always there. I think my question has been answered. I tow a smallish 160kg camper and the shake is more pronunced when towing. Tow bar weight is about 20kg at the most.Too much BLACK coffee???
Am I wasting time thinking about steering dampers? All advice greatley appreciated.

Thanks. Mick
Yeah, too much coffee, that's the problem!

To be honest, I think that thinking about a steering damper IS a waste of time. I'd go through the items that Claude outlined above, one by one. Find the problem--fix the problem.

On the 1150, a VW-style steering damper can only be mounted to the moving section of the forks and this is not a desirable solution. That just leaves a top mount solution, and the only one I know about is boo koo expensive -- the Ralle-Moto -- about $700 plus shipping from Australia. And even then it might not fix the problem since top mount stabilizers are more suited to dealing with harsh sudden movement of the front wheel, as opposed to the kind of head shake we sidecarists get.
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