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Originally Posted by RdrMtn View Post
What Roger was saying is that the first time someone bumped into Dungey, causing him to hit a tough block and it bent the shifter. The second time Dungey hit the tough block on his own, so it was his own fault.
I totally felt Roger threw Dungey under the bus. He looked embarrassed and the interview was somewhat awkward. I got the impression Roger was dismissive and blamed Dungey. I believe he stated that Dungey "stepped on the shifter" too hard and broke it during the 2nd moto.

How "tough" are these tough blocks? Enough to bend a shifter that gets routinely slammed during a race? Has anybody in this thread ever bent their shifter like Dungey did? I can understand a rock maybe but not so sure about a tough block.

Two times in back to back motos is unheard of, embarrassing and put Dungey in harms way. I'd be pissed if I was him but he totally kept his cool during the interviews. I don't have any anti-KTM agenda, I more so feel bad for Dungey and thought Roger was lame.

Either way, it was a fun event and I hope it continues. I would have loved to see Baggett and Windham race. Can't wait til A1
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