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Howdy All,

Sorry for the delay, I have been kinda busy in the garage building skid plates for Ural's to pay for diesel fuel for this winters "Escape from the Nor-Wet", click here to be taken to last years escape and the ride report.

And now back to the land of Oz. Day eighteen of the rideabout would take us from Bramwell Station the site of the OCR to the "tip", the northern most part of Australia and back to camp, a LONG, HARD ride indeed.

Oh before I forget I want to thank this man, darn it I sure hope I remember his name correctly I think it is Dave, Dave was a great help to me as I setup camp in the dark and helped me repair my cott which had broken, we successfully repaired and it worked well for the rest of the trip.

As I had taken all my gear out of the hack to make room for the rescue and used most of it to setup camp, if I was going to ride at speed whilst going to the tip I had asked for a volunteer to ride as monkey in the hack this would allow for faster travel and much better handling then if the hack were empty. This fellow, if I remember correctly his name is Rosco said he would ride with me, Thanks Rosco I hope you had a good time I know I did.

Because of the many klicks to be covered we didn't stop or take any photos until we got to the ferry that would carry us across the river. Rosco took most of these photos, we got out tickets here.

Here we are taking the ferry across the river, we had to make good time as the ferry's last trip across the river was at 5:PM or maybe it was 7:PM so if we didn't want to spend the night in the bush we had to be there to catch the last crossing. In this photo, Jock and Zac are already on the ferry.

Rosco and I headed to Bamagan, where we were to meet up with Jock and Zac before heading to the tip. We arrived in Bamagan and went to a bakery that Rosco knew of for a snack.

We waited for quite a while and still Jock and Zac hadn't shown up. We went to the local gas station to see if they had gone there before going to the bakery, they weren't at the gas station either. I thought it best to stay at the gas station rather then ride around looking for Jock and Zac, they had to fuel up before going to the tip so in time we would see them if we just stayed in place. When Jock and Zac did show up at the station Jock told us about the flat tire he had causing them to be late. This put extra pressure on as it was now about 2:pm, we had a lot of ground to cover before getting back to the ferry in time to catch if before it stopped running for the day.

Again not many photos taken as we were short of time. One section of the road really brought back some old memories, it was very narrow with "jungle" growing right up to its edge. The red dirt roads made me think of Hwy 13 as it neared Loc Ninh in Vietnam, but this stretch of road to the tip made me think of of area known as the "Iron Triangle" one of the deadliest area my Army unit operated in, we were ambushed many times in roads like this one with dense jungle growing right up to its edge. This was a wide are of the road with building in the back ground, I was told that this was once a very popular resort that folks stayed whilst vacationing in the this area.

The road got narrower beyond the resort, even in early afternoon it was dark because the trees formed a canopy blocking out the sun , not easy to see much further then a few meters into the heavy vegetation on either side of the road, yeah this place was kinda spooky for me.

We reach the parking area at the end of the road, this is as far north as a person can drive in Australia. Jock and Zac after parking their bikes went for a walk to a point with a sing saying this is the most northern tip of the Australian continent.

Me not being much of a hiker decided to again resort to my old ways as I rode the Ural out onto the beach.

Talking to the Ural dealers I had been told that no one had yet ridden a Ural to the tip, we arrived at the OCR a day early as I wanted to be the first person to ride a Ural to the most northern part of Australia. I was to find out the next day that an Australian Ural rider again if I remember correctly his name is Lee had arrived at the OCR a day before we got there and had beat me to the tip by a day. Congratulations Lee

The ride back to camp was a lot of FUN, toward the end Rosco got into shifting his weight so I could ride the corners faster, by the time we got back it was dark, we were tired, a few beers and off to bed. Stay tuned.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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