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Krauts und finns

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Big German magazine Motorrad tested in 2010 a VFR1200 ABS braking during cornering in different speeds, and various lean angles. Their conclusion was, that in normal road-riding situations it is clearly an improvement in safety, and that the front does NOT wash out under any sensible lean angles. In fact it never happened to them.

But it's good to also keep in mind: ABS is just a general term for the anti-locking brake system, and there are many different manufacturers as well as many generations of the system used in different decades, not to mention the differences between bikes, tyres, etc. So they will not always function exactly the same way.

I believe all modern ABS systems will help you, if you need to brake hard when leaned over. This test seemed to confirm that.
F*cking Germans!!!

They know about as much about motorcycles as those damn Finns know about rallye driving.

Zey know NUZINK!!!

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