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It's early morning of day four, 9-24-12.

I emerge right after mtngal for a morning stroll before breakfast is served. Dang! I just noticed something...I match the B&B with my green t-shirt

We stayed at The Cove and it was a very good place to stay and the host and hostess were the mostest!

Just down the street is a nice nature trail out to the surf so we check it out...

Another view of the B&B:

We met some really nice people on this trip and this couple met with us for breakfast. We will remain in touch with them as with several other people we met. It seems the motorcycle just keeps putting us in contact with the best people on earth and from so many different walks of life! That makes our horizons truly unlimited.

A few history lessons before we head for our lunch and the 2PM ferry reservation for Cedar Island. I knew we would be late getting to Ocracoke, so this gave us plenty of time to explore the little harbor, check out the local history, and find ( what else!) good grub!

Did you know there is a British Cemetery on Ocracoke?

In case you can't read the above, the British trawler was sunk by a German submarine in 1942.German subs were very active in WWII. I will show you some photos from Topsail Island,south of here, from the next day having to do with the same subject.

I know nothing about "Old River"except this on his grave marker.

Ocracoke Lighthouse and our B&B was just a few blocks away.


Bon Apetit!

This fine ( and I mean that!) place to eat has taken their restrooms to new heights!

Oh man, no wonder I have gained some pounds. Between this trip and my recent trip to the coast of New Brunswick Canada and Maine, I think I have eaten my way from Shediac Charleston SC Good thing I have my favorite buddy on this trip sharing stuff like this with me or it would have been much worse...

Silly bird at the ferry lot:

Prop wash from the ferry as we pull out of a long ride of over 2 hours to Cedar Island:

In the above photo, we have noticed that mtngals camera has developed an "orb" in the lens. We have tried to clean it but apparently the Lecia Lens is leaking and these orbs are getting worse as the trip goes. She has doctored some of them out with photo shop but its a lot of work and not here so pardon the orbs...

Happy dance...

I was trying to figure out this orb too in this shot but no clues at this point......

Favorite ride Bud!!!!

We are happy even if we have caught a case of the orbs....

Obviously not a busy ferry today being Monday. One of the crew told me that for the state of NC to breakeven on the ferry rides, they would have to charge $35 or more per car so THANK YOU TAXPAYERS!!!

Here I meet a super nice guy from Germany. His English was just a bit tough for my ears at first but the more I listened the more I understood. He was obviously a neat guy and he and his traveling companion were on this same ferry. Now, I had no idea we would meet up with them again a few days later...what a small world so there is more to this story and we just swapped e-mail with them yesterday ( 10/30/12!!) See...we meet the greatest people riding the bike!

This bird has a really advanced "green home" here with his solar installation running all his appliances and even charging the batteries for his night flight homing beacon:

Keeping watch on his property...

Well, after a long ride, time to disembark and there is a lot more to this day so I will break here and start segment two later tonight or tomorrow....

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