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IMO - the 2009 and newer 990's are the stuff. Lower suspension works better on pavement and most gravel. I will argue that the newer 990's are more reliable than the carb'd 950's. The 990's throttle response is very good in the 2009-up models and mileage is much improved over the 950 carbs. Follow maintenance schedules and you won't have any issues.

Coming off a 690 will make any of the twins seem like a touring bike. The ONLY long term solution that hasn't been solved IMO is the windshield coverage/noise issue. My solution has been to just cut it off, works just fine in the summer.

Don't plan on taking any twin down a single-track that you don't know exactly where it goes. I don't take mine where a bulldozer hasn't been recently. The twins can navigate some very impressive off-road terrain, but you need room to move. Old, narrow two-track's are just great.

If you think you'll be doing day-after-day of inter-straight roads with occasional gravel, AND will be carrying huge amounts of gear, get the BMW. These carry huge loads with very little impact on how they handle. All other conditions, get the KTM 990.
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