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Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
I'd rather have a 690 Enduro than something another 50lbs heavier.

I don't find the 690 to be that buzzy as has been mentioned by 1 or 2 guys, but I do agree that the gearing is either good for pavement or good for dirt, not both.

I wonder if KTM has ever though about a dual range transmission like the old Honda's from like 30 year ago?

That seems like THE solution. 65 horsepower, 315lbs, $10k and boooyahhhh!
My little 2 cents.

I would have loved my 690 if only it ONE Didn't break down so much and TWO got better fuel mileage. I was content with everything else about the bike. If a 700-800 twin could fix those two issues for me, I would be quite happy, but I don't want anything heavier than the current 690. Being light and nimble was the best part of that bike.

I realize that MPG isn't any ones concerns but for me it is really frustrating when your riding partner on a F800GS uses 1/3 less gas. That really adds up on RTW type trips and in Norway when fuel touches $20 a gallon.

I really don't want to settle for a F800GS, but for RTW guys, fuel economy should be a consideration.
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