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I would think the 37/11 would be about right for the R60. My '83 LS would cosistanly pull its 7650rpm redline in top gear and sometimes then some with its 32/9 but I guarantee you that a '81 on R65 runs a lot stronger than your R60. Hell, my R69S ran a lot stronger than any R60 I ever rode with. I don't think your R60 will pull a 37/11 but most people don't really care about that anyway. I like 32/10's on 900's. If your 1000cc 900 is running real strong, you'll like a 33/11. A 32/11 is faster than a 33/11? Just because a bike has taller gearing does not mean it will pull the taller gearing. There are a lot of airheads out there that would pull a faster top speed with a higher gear ratio than a 32/11! It would take one long down hill and a strong tail wind for many an airhead to pull redline with a 32/11. IMO, your wasting good engine if you can't pull at least redline in top gear but a lot of people love to gear them to the moon although they are never going to get out of orbit!

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