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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
Did you just compare taking a kid for ride with Russian Roulette ? And state that a person that would take their child for a ride would be helping the gene pool if their kid died ?

Holy fuck man, did you wake up with intra-rectal cranial insertion syndrome or what ?

The scary part is that some of you trembling fuckwhits are allowed to vote.
Hey! You guys are the ones making the choices.(pot calling the kettle black)

Guys who want to put their own kids at risk = fine by me.
Stupidity is hereditary to a point so....YES! to the question I highlighted.

Like I said...I'm not the Guy making the idiotic choice to put anyone except myself at risk when I choose to ride.
If the kid is old enough to understand the risks and wants to go along anyway = fine!
It's my job as a parent/relative to keep them from as much harm as possible until they're old enough to understand "Risk assessment"...NOT put them in harms way.

If you can't understand the last paragraph, perhaps it's YOU who shouldn't vote. (which B.T.W. due to our current choices, I'm smart enough to NOT vote any of the retards into office. Let that be YOUR fuck-up as well)
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