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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
Hey! You guys are the ones making the choices.(pot calling the kettle black)

Guys who want to put their own kids at risk = fine by me. No more of a risk than other activities that you would probably find "acceptable".
Stupidity is hereditary to a point so....YES! to the question I highlighted. That is truly fucked up so I am quoting this just so other can see what an asshole you are. Hitler would be proud though...

Like I said...I'm not the Guy making the idiotic choice to put anyone except myself at risk when I choose to ride.
If the kid is old enough to understand the risks and wants to go along anyway = fine! If you have kids I would be curious to see their diet as well as their exercise regimen.

It's my job as a parent/relative to keep them from as much harm as possible until they're old enough to understand "Risk assessment"...NOT put them in harms way. It's also a parents job to understand that you can't put them into a bubble and also that you should share risky activities with them so that they don't turn out to be fear driven puffs. By the way, people do not really begin to understand risk assessment until their late teens/early twenties so you are going to be padding them up and inflating their germ free bubble for a long time.

If you can't understand the last paragraph, perhaps it's YOU who shouldn't vote. (which B.T.W. due to our current choices, I'm smart enough to NOT vote any of the retards into office. Let that be YOUR fuck-up as well)
That's just it. You are equating taking a kid for a ride to stupidity. This isn't an issue of intelligence, it is one of weighing risk and personal responsibility. Someone choosing to do something that you deem dangerous does not make them less intelligent, just less fearful of "what if's? ". On the other hand assuming that your fear based opinion is the barometer for what is safe definitely shows a lack of critical thinking skills and an inability to look at a given situation in a logical and analytical manner.

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