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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
That's just it. You are equating taking a kid for a ride to stupidity. This isn't an issue of intelligence, it is one of weighing risk and personal responsibility. Someone choosing to do something that you deem dangerous does not make them less intelligent, just less fearful of "what if's? ". On the other hand assuming that your fear based opinion is the barometer for what is safe definitely shows a lack of critical thinking skills and an inability to look at a given situation in a logical and analytical manner.
I wont argue with you as (like I said) you guys are the ones making the choices for your own kids and if you don't think my including motorcycling as an unecessary risk to a toddler (thinking about their soft heads) doesn't involve a "critical thinking skill"...Then I'm at a loss for words.

You use a few examples however that show a lack of critical thinking and reasoning on your part however.
An example would be a kids diet, bubble baths etc.
How in the hell do they equate to instant death or maiming in a motorcycle accident?
Bubble bath = you should be watching them until they're old enough to not slip under the water and drown.
Diet = can be corrected for longevity and a healty life.

My comments might make me an Asshole but, yours make you sound like the one with no critical thinking skills. (through your comparisons in regards to risk)

Like I want to place your kids into harms way intentionally (knowing what can happen on a bike), that's your call.
I'll explain the risks to the kids I'm involved with so they can make an educated decision when thy're old enough to understand risk management.
How you think educating a child about risks so they can make their own educated decision will result in a society of
"fear driven puffs" is beyond me.
Care to explain how keeping them alive long enough to teach them about risk and consequences will induce fear? (with your analytical thinking)

NOT thinking about the consequences for ones own actions is 90% of what's wrong with society today.
Blessed are you, the ignorant.
Let us know how you feel after you accidently kill your kid and how your analytical thinking worked out for you.

I for one, will be thankful there's one less of you to carry on your flawed genetics. (there I go being an asshole again)
Idiots, improving the world one death at a time through taking unecessary chances with their offspring.

B.T.W. There's a list of crap I'd never let my kids do, just to prove their bravado to the world, or be an extension of my cock.(until they're old enough to make an educated decision on their own, which instills confidence, not fear).
They make the choice and then bite least I can live with myself.
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