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Originally Posted by Jack Daniel View Post
Kabobs look pretty good

And Topdog

Congrats on the paddleboarding

HoJo told me this WE that my cousin has opened some sort of paddleboard business, apparently renting them here at the local beach

Got your PM Jeff in re: to looking for equipment, will call

My Dad's had another stroke and is back in rehab so it doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere soon

Sure would like a WE at The Scrub though

Actually these upcoming weeks while Pops is being takin' care of would probably be best

Right now none of my three renters are paying

Went by my office yesterday and the place looks deserted

Sob story from one renter and the other is just waiting for me to take the house back

Will need complete rehab itself upon return

Suddenly 90 days of church seems like a dream vacation...

As usual
Sorry to hear about you're Pops.

You should have the Scrub gang visit the deadbeats. 20 tents set on the yard might give em a hint about moving out.
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