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Originally Posted by HellSickle View Post
I'm sure the NM boys will have plenty of high quality video in the next could weeks.

In the meanwhile....

Studded tires were the hot ticket for 5MOH:


Ray stopped to yank most of the studs out after the first big ledge. He also discovered that putting a brand new front tire on before riding 5MOH was not a Good Thing(tm). Make sure you have well scrubbed tires so that the side knobs stick to the rocks.

The NM guys seemed to have missed the memo about which end of the trail to start on. We ran into them going the other way when we were most of the way thru the trail.

For a week day, there were a lot of folks on 5MOH. I don't think I've ever seen so much carnage. There was an XR350 apparently abandoned in the middle of the trail. A Canadian group was doing surgery on a KTM 350 with fuel pump issues.

SingleTrackSlayer cruising thru 5MOH, barely breaking a sweat:

I loved the new 300 on this trail. The sticky trials tire, auto clutch, and rear hand brake let me totally wimp out and still get away with it. Having a fan kit with an override switch meant I never had to worry about overheating.Yes, I walked the bike down the Dreaded Steps. I hope the someone got video of the Canadian guy launching off the top after he made it up once, and totally splatting at the bottom. It sounds like he bled pretty well afterwards.

I always run worn down tires for Utah. They stick much better to the rock. I put new tires on in May/June timeframe and by November, they work well in Utah. We try to ride Utah once a month from Nov.- to May. Jeff, I have taken many pictures of people coming through that exact spot. What is cool is to get people on the side hill in the back ground as they snake down and back up to this spot. We'll be out there next weekend for 5 days.
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