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Disston - yes we do care sounds like you went right through the eye of the storm!!! Taxi Cab driver 28 years explains some of your crusty attitude dealing with people for that long will get you ... Ok just messing with you. Glad to hear you are ok and survied the trip to NYC on Monday!!

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I'm honored to have my name appear, gee, somebody cares?

Yes, I'm in the NE. Live on the Maryland side of Washington, DC, the nations Capital. We didn't get hit very hard at all. No power out that I have seen in any neighborhoods I went through the last couple of days, maybe somebody but nothing I saw. I saw one tree down in Washington, on a side road.

The Rock Creek Parkway was closed still this morning. Usually will stay closed till water levels drop. If it gets any worse they close my neighborhood but they haven't had to do that so this is not as bad as it gets.

I picked up 4 people Monday morning in Washington, DC and drove them to NY City. The trip up was easier, made it to downtown Manhattan by 3:15 pm. we left Wash at 10:30 am so was a total of 4 hrs and 45 mins.

The trip back was much longer. I had to get off the NJ Turnpike, they had it closed South of exit 9. I was on a Bridge over the Scudders Falls for over an hour because of a fallen power line. I think the eye of the storm passed me at that point. I go home at 10:30 pm. So about 7 hours going South.

I'm in bed today with a cold I guess I got because I got wet on Monday. I had a great time. I've been a Taxi Cab Driver for 28 years. My longest fare of all time.
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