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Glad you made it to a safe haven. This is your R100R that's been GS-ified, right?

"Airhead on the Move"

The "no idiot lights, no starter joy, nuttin" all of a sudden and intermittently sounds like a bad connection or fuse (maybe in the headlight shell). There is one Green and Green-Black wire that powers idiot lights, starter solenoid, horn, etc that can cause that symptom. On my /5 I changed out the Fairing recently and left a horn wire loose during the transition and that Gn-Sw wire grouned out and blew a fuse (all of a sudden, at the grocery store at night) and did the same thing yours is doing. Either that, one of the new-fangled "headlight always on" relays. I don't have an R100R schematic, but I'm digging online, and I'll look closely.

Xerox, fold up and carry a schematic in a baggie. It'll save your bacon some day.

Battery or Alternator? If you've got 12.5V static, may not ne the battery. Like Wirespokes says, check the battery voltage while trying to crank the bike (heavvvy load). If it starts, what is the system ("battery") voltage with the engine at or above 3000rpm? If the voltage is 13.5 to 14V, the alternator putout is good.

One item that is very good in general is an on-board voltmeter on the bike. It let you monitor the system voltage at all times and helps to prevent surprises. I like the Kuryayik LED bar-graph meter. A row of color LEDs, Green is good, Yellow is so-so, Red is bad. It's reliable and easy to mount and not expensive ($45-ish). But there are others available.

I need to run into town ang get some eeelectrical goodies-- got an heated jacket liner the other day and I have to get it wired in. Be back later...

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