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Cool2 Nice jugs

Originally Posted by 110Mike View Post

Dogsroot, the K bikes I think will be too top heavy for me. And methinks I may have had worse foot injury with a K bike. The boxer portrusions gave some protection.

I was leaned well over. As I said I ride spirited, slightly more so on this particular day. That particular turn is usually taken at 40mph+. I do recall the bike not falling over much after grabbing front brake.

ABS, fabulous additional safety device that it is, cannot compensate for stupidity. Stupidity was the reason for my faceplant.

I know what you're saying re: Airheads/Oioheads;

a pair of jugs are always nice to have around when you're going down.

Used to have an 1100GS. LOVED IT.

Don't test ride a K...

That's how I ended up on the dark side.

As for you're speed in a turn...

...well, now we know what the 110 in your handle refers to!!!!

Alls well that ends well-and you seem to have learned (and shared) a valuable lesson about following distance.

That's what Faceplant is for, right?
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