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Pissed its gonna be long

Sorry this is going to be long I`m really interested in the why-s and why not-s of this topic...

I have to agree with Lukas, and I hope somewhere somebody will be VERY convincing explaining why we need a bike like this to the bosses of a motorcycle manufacturer. For me a 1000cc 100HP DS bike is just too big and pointless.

Just look at what Rally racers say about smaller Dakar bikes

"The new bikes are significantly lighter than the 650s and not much slower. “It is very comfortable to ride,” said Despres about his new KTM 450 Rally, “and very reliable and only an idiot never changes his mind."

So if you have a big difference between 450-s and 690-s there will be an even bigger difference between a 1200cc and 600-700cc bike.

If I stand next to any of the KTM twins my first impression is how HUGE they are. Of course they are V-twin that makes them as long as an oil tanker, and because u got 100HP to deal with u need longer, wider stronger=heavier swingarm, bigger wheels, swingarm pivot bolt, bearings bigger nuts and screws, stronger frame, cause it needs to carry more fuel it needs even more bracing etc. cause with each gram of added weight it needs heavier forks and shocks bigger breaks which pushes weight further, because it`s big as a barn u need 1 square mile of plastic to cover it with its own heavy bracketry. I think KTM did a really good job having them around 220kg-s look at the super ten 10-20HP more and 40kg-s heavier.

What do I mostly use my bike?
Commuting. A 990 would disappear sharpish in my dr650-s mirror in the morning rush hour.
Weekend twisties dirt tracks forest rides. The 2 bikes will be the same or at least I would be close.
Long transport sections highways straight open roads which I`m trying to avoid anyways the 990 would slaughter the DR, but if you want to go the distance for how long?

Look up motorbikin coast to coast race as an example 2008 2 950SE DNF cause they used up their tires and fuel halfway 2010 2 DR-s 4 and a half day 2012 Honda CT110P postie scooters less than 6 days Ok that`s extreme, but they did it!!!!! And before the orange crush team goes rabid I`m not saying they are bad or anything or the DR is the best DS bike ever just trying to show that 100HP and 1000cc is for me is too much and unjustified a 110cc bike hasn`t got the speed and power while an outdated old mild steel bike somehow had the balance to do 5000km-s in 5 days on all sorts of roads and terrains.

And before someone comes up with a “you have to have different bikes for different things” excuse... Why? A 12000-20000AUD bike which should be a jack of all trades should be OK for ALL of my biking needs. Look at the el cheapo shit heap old fat bastard DR. Can I take it down to a SM track or a light endure section? Can I commute with it every day? Can I throw it around in twisties, dirttracks? Can I do a lap `round the paddock? With some compromises on all fields, but definitely doable, yes you can do the same on a 990, but you don`t NEED a 990 to do it and I think you compromise more...

I just want a DR which is a bit lighter smoother better suspended about 60HP and because the Japanese manufacturers won`t make it IMHO someone in Europe should. Ok I should put in dual cylinder cause the 690 covers most of the "requisites".

Honda Transalp? That bike pisses me off no end. How the hell could it be 40kg-s heavier than the DR and even shittier suspension that`s an "achievement" in itself... In that bike I can see some corporate accountant wearing his cornflower blue tie saying that Yamaha/BMW sold such and such units of Tenere/800GS we should build a SIMILAR bike and some engineer says, but we can make a bike which is twice as good and the accountant tells him don`t bother we won`t sell twice as much so make a cheap bike with the same specs no fuck off to your hole and get crackin` make it cheap damn the pride we got some shareholders to pay.
Where are the GPZ 600-s which created the supersport class, the first GSXR-s or Fireblades or the first gen R1 the NR750, FZ750 I can keep on going, which were so much better than the rest, that it took the rivals 2-3 bike generations to catch up. They were unique and blown the competition away.

Kawasaki didn`t put the ER engine into a DS frame just look at how many people begging for it, the SV is still basically a street bike and the Tenere is a low quality components bike with a rip off price tag.

Japan builds similar bikes and not groundbreaking ones which is a pity... At least KTM/Husaberg is innovative and trying something, I respect that and for a small barn manufacturer (compared to the big 4) their bikes are exceptional.

Ok **** rant over I`ll shut up I promise.
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