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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
The line between paranoia and delusional is pretty thin on both sides.

If you can live with the "what if"...go for it....
Just don't expect any sympathy from us if you kill your child or turn him into a quadrapalegic.

I for one, don't give a shit what others do with their offspring and enjoy watching natural selection in action.
At worst = you'll improve the future gene pool. (from my perspective) (unless the kid has Moms brains)

Ps. Another fun game you can play with your toddler is Russian Roulette.
How do you go shopping, for the ''fear'' that a overhead pipe might break and bust your head open??

your a complete fag, the way you're thinking shows you havent had balls in quite some time.. now go get permission from your wife to go be a online idiot some more.

Its funny how i ask a question to see what other people think, and dumbass's like Rivercreep assume im doing it..

Will i take him on the road, no, will i continue to give him little rides by the garage, fuck yeah, i got 2 kids, another on the way, and have always made sure they are fine, in other huge countries such as india, china, etc, they use small motorcycles/scooter to pretty much transport their whole families, have been doing that for years, some of you guys and your thinking and your ''what if's'' is the reason this country has been going soft,

When i was a kid we used to play OUTSIDE till it was dark, used to play and interact with other kids, now its all internet and being scared of everything, no wonder so many kids are so overweight and will become obese adults.

ok, rant off, and yeah, like flood said,

Let's not wish death on other inmates and their families.

I see 3 year olds on little honda's 50cc's tearing it up and i love it, others might think that its dangerous, to each its own.

Rivercreep make sure to put the toilet seat back down, or your wife might
Just some dude...
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