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Death Valley

Sorry for the radio silence but I've been in the back of beyond for the last three days exploring some of the more remote parts of Death Valley. After spending a few days being completely humbled by the geological formations of Utah, my cold seemed to be getting worse again. The cold nights and lack of decent meals probably aren't helping me at all, so I decided to check into a hotel for two nights in Hurricane. My meals have become painfully routine though. When I camp, it always oatmeal, when I stay in a hotel, it's always a Super8 and this is my usual breakfast scene:
After two days rest I decided to make a run for Death Valley and missed much of the southern parts of Utah that I love like Zion and Bryce, but the constant cold here combined with a cough that prevents me from getting a a complete sentence out pushed me to warmer places. There are so many places around here that have "devil, hell" or similar that I figured it must be warmer.
I arrived at night to a favorite campsite from my 2008 trip.
I felt bad for the other campers since I'm sure my hacking kept them up too.

Funny thing about Death Valley, it seems to have most of what you need if you look hard enough.
Can't say I've ever seen a pee chart in a men's room before, but I can't think of a place it would be more at home.

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