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Baja Ho's wife

I am home from Cabo now and I just wanted to thank everyone. Whenever Baja Ho rides I get texts and emails throughout the day letting me know he is safe. I received a phone call from the SPOT team within 1-2 minutes of the SOS text message on my phone. I had not even checked my message yet when I got the phone call because I was walking up to a neighbor's house for dinner. I have to say the SPOT team was excellent! She made all the calls to San Quintin (Search and Rescue - whoever that is). After 2-3 hours they told her they did not have the man power to continue their efforts. I did not find out until the next morning that a volunteer did continue looking and only found parts of a motorcycle. Fortunately I did not get this news until after Nancy at Old Mill called to tell me Baja Ho had problems with his master cylinder, returned to the Old Mill, his 3 friends went on and he was sleeping soundly. That's when I finally broke down and cried.

Just so you know, Baja is different. She/SPOT said some areas are good about going out to rescue you and some could care less. We weren't getting the help from San Quintin search and rescue so SPOT called the US Consulate and someone else. Baja Ho had to call the US Consulate to let them know he was safe and not lost.

Baja Ho has always had his SPOT attached to his bike. I think it was in August when his friend went over a cliff and separated from his bike and we discussed if wearing his SPOT might be a better idea. I will get more information hopefully today. I sent him a link as to where he can pick up his SPOT and told him if he ever loses it he needs to contact them ASAP so I don't call in the Army. I am sure all of your wife's would have done the same. There is nothing worse than thinking your husband is in the middle of nowhere broken in pieces or being tortured.

Mexican cell phone for the next trip........
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