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Need advice on Heinrich tank

So, I managed to score a g/s Heinrich tank from a fellow AdvRider and was looking for your thoughts.

The tank was "customized" to clear aftermarket forks by putting big dents into the front lobes on either side.

I am wondering about having the dents removed and restoring the tank back to its former glory. But there is also a part of me that likes the dents because they are a part of the life the tank has led.

I have a reputable BMW airhead shop here in town quoting me 325 bucks for their body man to fix the tank. Not sure if he is proposing to try and push, pull, cut out, flip, and replace, cut out and replace with new metal, or just put new metal over the dents. I'll see what he says later today.

So, leave it alone or fix it. I really am conflicted and your thoughts are welcomed!
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