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Originally Posted by vermin View Post
I feel it is disrepectful to ride expensive bikes into an area that may or may not experience hunger and despair. I also have the superstition that nice bikes invite trouble. Superstition mind you, no data.
IMO (having lived all my life in Latin America and having traveled quite a bit) The thing a lot of people do not seem to understand is that even a relatively cheap bike like the KLR, DR or similar are considered very NICE bikes in Latin America . Something to which an average citizen earning minimum wage can never aspire to have. Do you really think the abundance of small 125-150cc bikes in Latin America is due to the fact that people prefer cheap transportation inside the city? NO! If they could afford it, they would all ride something bigger/flashier/most expensive...

A traveler's attitude towards the locals and other people he meets along the way as well as to the local customs and laws (however little they might be enforced), will cause a greater impact (good or bad) than the bike he/she is riding.

Ride what you enjoy amigo and have a good time meeting new people and seeing new places.
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