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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post


Very nice setup you got there on your SE, it probably comes closest to what I am envisioning from the currently available choices on the market.

I am getting 404 lbs wet no fuel for an SE with a 2-into-1 ti pipe conversion, how much weight does your fairing add? Or did you measure it full of fuel and with bash plate, hand guards, shark fin, stabilizer, frame guards, axle slider etc that you would have to add to any other bike weight as well?
Hey Boss...450 is with our numbers are almost identical.....

The Fairing and Tower add a few pounds over the mask that gets removed...but it can't be an adventure bike without a fairing right....

There are a lot of good points in this thread but also some vagueness as to what an adventure bike needs by definition...???

1) A twin engine,,,,a thumper is a thumper...
2) Wind protection...8 hours at 70mph
3) Range...200 miles minimum
4) Ability to carry gear
5) Armour

To the points regarding both the 690 and the Aprilia RXV:

1) The Aprilia is a "never go more than 40 miles from the truck" bike. I have owned one...the remarkable light weight is due to the very delicate build...the bike is an Italian Beauty that needs to be treated as such...No protection...No ability to carry suspension etc etc etc...wouldn't last 2 weeks on its own

2) The 690..Thumper...strike it through a high speed water crossing and you will see strike 4...

As far as well it is 2012 and so we should be able to shave 20% off the weight....someone still needs to answer where?

The frame on the SE weighs very very little...Titanium?...bye bye budget
Fuel weighs what...7lbs a gallon?
Service intervals?...3.5 liters of oil...that adds weight...
The LC8 motor weighs roughly 128lbs....pretty light unless you go with exotic materials.
Lighter chain and sprockets....?...service intervals
Good luck with a lightweight seat,,,,hahahaha.

I want one of these 370lb wonders....just show me how...
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