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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
So the crux of the OP's post: producing 90hp out of a 700 (or even 800) means spinning it faster. In summary wanting a 700-750cc 90hp bike means you've essentially got the same situation KTM has created with the new "150hp" 1190 Adventure- a bike that require spinning the engine to make its power- which takes away from the Adventure bike utility we're after.
Couldn't agree more. 90hp is way more than I need or want in a mid-size adventure bike. Weight, mpg, and off-road ability while two-up riding are more important to me. If I wanted 90hp, I'd just get a 990 and be done. 65hp - 80hp works for me. The 60 - 65 hp in a Weestrom is plenty for two up and loaded down and would be plenty for me in this class bike It just doesn't have a good trail-riding chassis that I'm after (ground clearance and suspension travel and stoutness for two-up).

The problem with a lower hp, efficient engine is it's not "exciting". I think the Honda NC700 engine would be a perfect dual sport motor (as far as hp and efficiency are concerned. I don't know how much it weighs). It redlines at something like 6300, has a small bore and long stroke (to get good mpg) and in theory would make a great adventure bike engine....but would be ripped apart in the magazines because it doesn't make as much hp and isn't as exciting as the other bikes in it's class. I can still dream. In the minority, but still dream.

Originally Posted by Nowwhat View Post
I want one of these 370lb wonders....just show me how...
I agree. 370 is pushing it (especially if that is wet). For weight, I'm good with 410 - 430 lbs wet with full tank. BMW 800GS is listed as 456 wet w/gas. Triumph 800XC is 473 wet with gas. Suzuki DL650 470 lbs. Make a bike that is 20 - 30 lbs lighter thant the GS, but with a good stout and adjustable suspension and a make it reliable and you have a new class leader. I'm OK with hp being even a tad less, but up the torque and maybe even improve fuel mileage to allow more range out of a small 4 gallon underseat tank.

One final thought on hp....Good suspension and low weight do more for being able to ride this type of bike faster in rough terrain or dirt roads than hp. That would also allow one to carry more momentum through twisty tarmac roads. Cruising down the highway, hp doesn't matter. So why all the fuss about hp? Yes it's fun and more exciting, but doesn't make much of a real world difference in this class of bike. I'd rather push a bike closer to it's maxium engine performance most of the time, than run a higher hp engine at 1/2 it's potential most of the time.

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