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Dont want to sound like a total dweeb here but seriously, how hard is pulling my map, save t then load a diffferent map that others have tried? I am not one to fiddle with the minute settings but would like to try maps tha others have loaded that may stop the twitchiness at low RPM's.

2008 KTM 990, Dual Remus Exhuast cans. Stock otherwise.

I am pretty comfortable with both a laptop and a wrench but I am skeer'ed of frying the electronics on this bike. I know KTM carbs backwards and forwards but this is my first Fuel Injected beast and the whole mapping issue intrigues and scares me at the same time.

I have read LOTS of pages on here and you guys make it sound so easy and forgive me if there is a "tutorial" hidden somewhere in this thread or the HOW page. I just havent stumbled across it yet, and if you have point me in that general direction.
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