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Originally Posted by HonMudDog;19938150I
was not there for Gary's stream crossing
but remember looking back at Stuart thru the roadway cloud years back.
He speed blasted his KLR beast straight up "on the pegs" thru water, many
boulders, then parking it on dry land again in an island of trees w/o releasing
death grip on bars to let it go down to either side., UN-REAL!!
Thanks again to all that added to the mix, the good time and pics posted,
Thanks for those kind words.
I do it cause I loves ya JP!

And about Stuart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh do I remember that episode.
I hereby solumnly promise to stop at that place from now on
to gather-up,,,,and if necessary fling myself in front of out of
control motorcycles to keep anyone else from getting hurt there.

Deceptively dangerous. Come down hot on this "S" turn on
marble size gravel and you in for the ride of your life.
Some shots of that damn place thats hurt so many people

Stu Baby made it all the way across and got jammed up in those little tree:

Why do so many people get hurt on my rides?
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