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Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
Thanks AW.
I was just wondering. Never heard how much travel they could get out of the 1100 swing arm.(in an Airhead frame)
Not really impressive !

The unsprung weight would be the thing that worries me the most.
It's heavier, but not THAT much heavier. Weight could be mitigated a bit by installing an excel tube type rim instead of the monster tubeless cross spoke rim. Also keep in mind that it's already quite a bit longer and the shorter stroke shock means that that weight of the shock is only "semi-unsprung", less effect of its inertia when trying to move the wheel. I added up all the weights of various rear end setups a while back based on the weights listed in the parts fiche which actually seem to be pretty accurate:

final drive 16.7
paralever rod 1.3
swingarm 7.8
drive shaft 5.2
rear wheel 14.7
disc 2.0
caliper 1.8
shock 10.0

59.5 lbs total

R100GS or GSPD
rear wheel 14.2
swingarm w/ all bearings, pins, lower boot 6.2
tie rod 1.0
driveshaft 4.4
final drive 17.8
brake shoes, cam, lever 1.9
shock 8.4

53.9 total

R80G/S, R80ST
swingarm w/ bearings and pivot pins 7.3 lbs
driveshaft 3.9
final drive 16.2
rear wheel 13.0
brake pads, cam, lever 1.4
shock 6.3

48.1 total

final drive 17.4
swingarm 9.6
paralever tie rod .9
rear wheel 11.3
driveshaft 4.8
rear disc 2.1
rear caliper 2.1
shock 4.9 (I find that very hard to believe)

53.1 lbs total
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