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Originally Posted by Jeff aka BOLT View Post
Absolutely. The only person that got nasty about our differing opinion was when you implied I was too cheap... or couldn't afford the $45. But I took it with a grain of salt. I started this thread about High Desert Rides so we could have some fun and learn the trails we all know together. I never meant it to become a list of Ads and Promos for Pay For Events.. and D37 races. But I'm not gonna make a fuss about it unless more unnecessary jabs and insults come my way.

Now if the insults are necessary... then I guess they are necessary !

hey man,
no one turned your thread into an ad space or promo for any event.

some of us are doing this ride and posted up about it.(i had done it a few years ago and it was rad!) i am in no way affiliated with the Lost Coyotes or any other group.

i'm cool with paying $45 for a good ride. and it'll be cool to see folks i haven't seen in awhile. and desert season is here!!! and it's my LAB2V shakedown ride (bike, GPS, roll chart, sand ).
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