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Cyberdos Thanks thats exactly what I need and alos some one to ride with. I really am not very conformable riding alone on a bike that I am not familiar with both mechanically and riding wise. I dont think getting stranded out in BunbleF would be much fun alone. I still have to check my valve clearances and install the carb that I just rebuilt and doubt I will be able to get err done this weekend (still waiting for my special feeler gauge in the mail). So I will take a rain check on that for another day soon!

Mrgoldfish It looks like that area is the launching point for a lot of places just East of there. Where about in Chandler do you live? what kind of bike do you run (enduro or dirt only)? I put signals on my bike and made it street legal since I dont have a truck to cart it around. Still leaves me with a fuel dilemma as I have not yet added a larger tank (since I am just getting the bike ready for my first time riding).

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