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Originally Posted by RedRockRider View Post
All caught up. That yellow curry did look good. We have 1-2 ok Asian food places in St. George, but always hopeful for more. We do have lots of root beer and jello, but that's for another thread . . .

Enjoying your RR, as always. Just have to mention again that the video from Radek, the "Canimal" was awesome.
Thanks, glad you're still with us!
Originally Posted by leo_jb View Post

Compared with the photo of your bash plate, I'd say the A60 looks like its doing its job!
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Dang it!

Now I've got to use Oh Hai to git rid of BIG RUTS, and I'm hopelessly stuck now.
heh. I've had Big Ruts stuck in my head for days myself...

Well, Captain kirk is climbing a mountain is pretty catchy...
and then thereís always the Bob Loblaw song...

Day 49: 8/9/12 continued
Walla Walla, WA to near Ukiah, OR 148 miles

I guess I could put in some OBDR linkies.
We were doing Route 5, from Walla Walla to the CA border.

Google found me a couple things - older one from 2005 one from 2011, and an ADV thread about gas stops, etc...

The OBDR is so much faster than the WABDR!
In case you forgot, we had left Walla Walla after 2pm.
We werenít even trying and we just flew through these roads.
It was great.

Hey, do you remember Dan, the crazy flute dude?

We stopped at the campground where Dan had the 36 hr conversation with the wolf...
Didnít see any wolves, but there was nice clean water pouring out of this faucet...
we filled up our dromedary bag for the nightís camping.

Mottet campground.

Didnít stop at Jubilee Lake, didnít stop at Tollgate...
Just made great time on these fast roads.

I think Tollgate was to the right.

Back in the dirt.

It was pretty up there.

This gravel road is kind of sketchy. It's the thick, marble-y kind of gravel.
Some spots are pretty deep.

We almost ate it on this road last time. Going too fast in the gravel.

Maybe here? (looking back at our dust)

The full dromedary bag was so heavy, we were feeling it.

We skipped the Mount Emily lookout this time...

Hmm. I think thatís hwy 84...

Hi Ron and Janice! Remember them? They gave us venison last time.
At least, we hoped it was venison. Not Victor Burger.

Indian Lake is that way. ------>
Home of Jason. ki ki ki ah ah ah...

Hmm. That doesnít look good.

There were times when we found ourselves on closed or impassable roads.
Sometimes it was a routing error, sometimes it was just Oregon being Oregon.

But, it was always pretty easy to get back on track.

Anyone who has done the OBDR will recognize the next section...

Itís overgrown and full of whoops.
This pic is small because itís blurry. Too rough.
But you get the idea.

Thereís usually some mud, too.
We got lucky this time. A lot less mud in August than in July.

A few more whoops.

After being on the crowded WABDR, it was nice to be on the OBDR.
We had these roads all to ourselves.

Aside from a couple cars near Tollgate (on the slab), and the vehicles we could see on Hwy 84,
we hadnít seen anyone.

We had water, so we could have camped anywhere.
This spot appeared out of nowhere and was perfect.

No facilities, but it was free and there was a picnic table.
Later, we realized we were really close to a road, but only 2 cars went by all night.

Sweet chili noodles with bell pepper, onion and a can of chicken.

Norm was behaving himself.

Short day.

I couldnít find a name or anything for this campsite.
But, we were just off hwy 244, with the closest town being Ukiah, OR (maybe 25 miles away).
I put Normís coordinates in google and weíre that red thing on the map.

A couple halloween-ish videos, just for fun...

my dad took me to see Halloween. I was 10.
the music still freaks me out.

Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
Happy Halloween!!
Thanks, Rwelch!
Happy Halloween to you, too.
Hope you're having fun with Landon!

I tried to find a picture of someone dressed as that Oh Hai cat, but no luck.
Here's some dogs instead.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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