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Mojave Road sand, whoops and fuel needed

I have only ridden this trail once and that was about 7 years ago so things might have changed.

A couple of scouts in our group checked out the lake bed the day before we started and reported they just about got stuck in the deep mud just starting into the lake bed so we rode around the lake bed to the south because they thought it was not possible to ride through it when it is wet.

We started in Afton Canyon which is about 40 miles east of Barstow.

Two deep water crossings are the first things to encounter.

I remember about 40 miles of deep sand and I found it difficult but possible on my XR650R. I could not even attempt this on the BMW R1200GSA that has been my adventure bike. Better riders than myself have obviously made it on a big bike. I wouldn't do it alone if you are on a big bike. This is an extremely remote area and unexpected things can happen.

Somewhere about halfway through the ride are some whoops with one G-out I didn't see in time that just about threw me over the handle bars. After the sand and the whoops the rest of the trail was fairly easy dirt roads.

The deep sand will suck the fuel and drop your mileage not to mention it is approx. 140 miles between Afton Canyon and the next gas station. If you fill up in Barstow, you will need at least a 180 mile fuel range and you will then be on fumes.

We needed two pit stops for gas to make it on our enduro bikes and had a chase truck haul extra fuel for us. You can bail out on At the time I had a 3.1 gallon fuel tank on my XR650R and needed both gas stops.

You can bail out on Kelbaker Road and head north to Baker for a gas stop and then back track to the trail.

We needed our GPS's and maps to stay on the route but when I did this ride, none of us had ever been on it before. Going with someone who is familiar with the trail would be a big plus.

Any bike on this trail is supposed to be street legal and one of the riders in our group, who thought he didn't need a plate, was pulled over in Laughlin, NV and scolded to the local police but he didn't get a ticket.

I have wanted to go back and ride it again but have been having too much fun riding Death Valley.

Good luck and post pics when you ride it.
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