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Testing the charging system question 74 /6

On the way home tonight my charge light came on bright and wouldnt go off. Tested the battery and has 12.2 charge. When testing the charging with engine running it still tests about the same. So I turned to the clymers manual and am a little confused about the testing they say to do. Its first test is between the diode board and the alternator. B+ terminal and D+/- terminal at the alternator. Instructions say to remove the connector plug (seems to mean the outer one as there are two) from the diode board then start the bike. When I remove this wire, the bike is dead, no power to starter, lights or anything. Am I missing something here or does that tell me something?

Not my pic, but the F tab on the right is where it says is the B+ terminal and the outer wire is what is supposed to be removed. I also tried removing the inner wire and then both wires to the same results. What am I missing here?

thanks in advance.
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