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Originally Posted by bigbadandugly View Post
And what's your time worth running around procuring your bits and pieces? I recently joined the independent consultant ranks and bill out at $200/hr. That certainly gives you a perspective of what time is worth relative to being a salaried worker. Obviously a bored retiree will have a different perspective.

And after doing so, does you tool roll up small enough to fit under the seat? Maybe - if you've thrown out half the pieces you bought that don't need.

One thing I don't like about the AdvDesigns toolkit is the combination of pieces you need to use the small bits. You need the 3/8" ratchet, then the 3/8" to /4" adapter, then the 1/4" bit adapter, and then the bit. You end up with a number of pivot points which increases the likelihood of camming out if you're not careful. I'm going to augment the kit with a small bit ratchet soon to address this issue.

Well, I work out to about $300 an hour and it took me about 20 minutes to order my tools and I tossed them in the bottom of a 40 liter pannier. No worries and about a hundred bucks saved. And I have all my ratchets. All the info is here on the site.
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