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Originally Posted by Martian View Post
You should always keep a cold one on hand just in case I stop by! It is charging.

Since this happened, everybody I talk to has either had a gel battery fail, or has ridden with someone who's gel battery just suddenly quit. My suggestion for anybody who has one is to keep it fresh. If I'm taking off on a long ride and the battery is more than 2 years old, I'm replacing it before I leave. The battery was a Panasonic, BTW. Not that it makes any difference.

I usually carry a meter but had taken it out to use on a shop project. Tomorrow, I'm buying another one strickly for the bike. That will ensure I never need it.

Thanks again for the help. I'm really glad I brought the laptop. That's for sure! Y'all did good.
a little late, but most Oriellys will stock a good quality AGM motorcycle battery for about $90.

if your charging system is working ... 13.8v-14.2v measured at battery while engine is revved up past idle. yes your charging system can charge intermittently.

resting voltage for gel and AGM cells fully charged is about 12.8v. it's common for dead batteries to charge to 12.5v, then drop to 10.5v under load. battery at 12.5v resting is about 80% charged.

when a new fully charged battery is installed. everything will return back to normal even on a system not charging. your bike will run normally until battery is depleted. which without lights will be about 1-2hours depending on amp hour rating.

folks have been known to strap on a full size car battery. then run completely off battery until bike can be limped home.
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