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Originally Posted by tallguy-09 View Post

German MOTORRAD showed some engine pictures, saying BMW using a lot of their automotive know how in castings at their Landshut factory.

Cast integrated oil channels instead of more expensive drilling/machining.

Oil pump has 2 rotors now, one for lubrication of the main and connecting rod bearings, the other only for the clutch lubrication and for engine cooling.

There are 2 cooling circuits, basically integrated hear exchangers in the front area of the cylinder head.
This sounds like a typical BMW press release copy and pasted by the magazine. Since the first 1100 motor in 1994 the oil pump has had 2 rotors, one rotor only for the cooling circuit, and the cylinder heads have had cast-in internal oil cooling passages.

But since the wet clutch is now part of the oil cooling circuit, it somehow supports the claim of "all new". 


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