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Ah-ha! thanks Hans.....I can barely ride this POS let alone nerd out and remember all the stuff I've changed. I'm glad somone is keeping a tally.!! Hope to see you and the G/S in action soon.

I just used hex head bolts and locked them in with nuts on top and underneath. At full lock, the flat bit of the hex is against the stop, I got a few mm's more doing that VS. an allen head. But who's counting?

Barely ride the POS?
You ride the pants off that thing

Don't worry, I can't wait to get some more G/S action happening too. I just read these threads to keep my spirits up. Unfortunately time is at a premium with study right now (yes I am procrastinating as we speak and 'taking a break from' avoiding work as I type). That snap decision to go back to full time study again really had some consequences... with all the stuff due right now I haven't been able to do paid work for quite a while. Dollars are a little short. Moving house with all our tonnes of 'possesions' a month ago was almost the end of me. New shed is going to be a puzzle to figure out where everything ended up...

I might be heading over to SE asia for the summer for some work very soon, which will theoretically delay the G/S even further, but if that doesn't happen it is going to be a very serious G/S summer for me. If SE Asia does happen, I'll be getting serious on the G/S when I get back early next year.

With the arrival of the Mikuni's and a bunch of other stuff (Thanks Solo!), and one last box to arrive from Germany soon, I've pretty much got everything I need to do the rough build and testing before I pull it apart again and send the frame off and whatnot for the prettier more final build...

In the mean time, I'll just have to occasionally clog up other peoples threads

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