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WOW I can't believe we have another Anniversary ...31 yrs !!!!
Funny It still feels like 5 yrs...
I guess that's a good thing....And we still love being with each other...
This photo was taken at our farm sitters wedding the weekend of the 20th...

A little update ...
We came through the storm.. Only got 10" of snow and it's melting very well... Very happy we didn't get the 2 feet they kept calling for ..
But lets face it, with the ground being so warm...The snow kept melting as it came down.. Thank goodness the ground wasn't frozen..
Other wise I do believe we would have been well over 2 feet...AS it snowed for 3 days....
We never really lost power... It flickered once.. But that was it...

I promise I'll get some RR's up soon....
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