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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
I feel the same way regarding the desire to understand things ahead of time.

Regarding your air-cooled comment: Typically as both the motor and the ambient air temp increase a fuel injected motor is operated with a leaner mixture. Air-cooled motors even more so.

A hot motor, with warm intake air, will continue to run on very lean mixtures. The motor doesn't make the same power as it does with a richer mixture, but it runs cooler and emissions are lower.

The IICE Air puts a 'lower intake air temperature offset' into that lean mixture trend. The ECU responds to that 'temperature offset' with a richer mixture, and the motor makes better power at all ambient temps.

Gotcha! Thanks! So then my assumption of all the other sensors remaining in play is correct (ambient/ intake pressure, etc). No worries about riding from Death Valley to Mt. Evans and the pressure changes
Not that it is in my near future

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"WeatHead"...did we already have a contest to name the new engine? I must have missed it
I thought it was a Wasser Kopf.
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