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Our heroine, headed into the Jaws of death

As you've read, Fey was riding solo out toward Saline Valley from the north. I can't wait for a report from her.

After I got home, I started to ask here on ADV about DV conditions, but I saw that they had already been reported on from 2on2off's report here...

Seems as thought rains in August did some major damage to Death Valley's Saline Valley area. The storm damaged old roads that have been there forever. Steel Canyon for example can't even be found without a GPS. South Pass is also closed, but can be done by a light dualsport and a skilled rider.

The north pass and hot springs that Feyala is riding toward is in that area. She stated something like, "How much worse could it be than she'd already done with Nip and I?"

I believe she'll find deep sand the likes of which she's never seen, and minor washouts in North Pass much worse than she did with Nip and me.....and she's doing it with a loaded bike.

Not that she can't do it, you understand.....but the report should be a dilly.

Here's wishing her the best of luck.
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