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Good day fellow off-roaders!!

At this time, next Thursday (8th)... Cancer-RideForLife will be underway!! Riding from Pine Valley to Barstow (284 miles) for the first day. Bound for Las Vegas, and will end up back in Plaster City Tuesday (13th). 5 days of riding, covering a 1000 miles of mostly (96%) off-road terrain.

With only 7 days left before the ride... and getting just-a-tad more then 50% towards our goal, we still need lots and lots of help to make it 100%.

REACH DEEP People... give to the kids. Let's help them trick-or-treat one more year. Open presents for another Christmas. Get to play yet another day!!!

Donate here;

Thank you, to those already given to the cause.
It's much appreciated, and every dollar matters.
You've all made me smile, and I know there's kids all over smiling because of your contributions!!

Don't forget to get your raffle ticket money in!!
More info here;

MY SPOT Tracking device links, for the event;
I'll have two tracking devices running for this event. One of them will be in Chase1, and will provide location tracking for the truck(s). The second one, will be on me... and will allow me to send text messages (to our chase trucks) and tracking information via the online google map provided by SPOT. It might be a bit confusing for those watching our progress as they sit at home behind a computer, but each spot track (waypoint) is labeled per the device sending the track. As an example; The chase truck's device is labeled "JAT-CHASETRUCK" and the device I'll be wearing is labeled "JAT-RIDER". All the viewer needs to do is hover over the waypoint on the map, and they should get information on what device sent the track point. It'll also be more obvious to some being the chase trucks will be on major roadways, and we'll be out in the boonies.

Here's the link to watch our daily progress;
~ Johnny J

'07 CRF450X & '04 XR400 (both plated), '01 CR500 (Duner), TRX450 (GF's ride)...etc.etc.
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