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Originally Posted by ZequeArgentina View Post
Sometimes people tend to confuse "media comments" like, "it has no performance gain" and so on. But FIA, FFSA or whatever regulations should only consider the "within te rules" or "out of the rules".
If it has been an intentionally undercovered trick, it is not only an uncompliance but a more serious case (E.g. Toyota case with Celica world rally cars)
I would just like to clarify; that I don't believe that Gordon Hummer restrictor rule "infraction" was a deliberate attempt by RG's team to gain any kind of performance advantage or circumvent the air restrictor... Rather it was just a smart method to assist/speed up the deflation phase of the auto tyre inftation/deflation system on the vehicle. Unfortunately the position on the manifold where the team chose to couple the hose, was in contravention of the air restrictor regulations... and although the two (seemingly unrelated systems/function), it was something that never occured to the technicians on the Hummer team to "cross check" in the rulebook that it may create a problem. It was the FIA scrutineers suspicion that this hose may be used to allow extra air admission - and thereby achieve a performance increase - that led to the technical jury's inquiry in the first place, and fuelled the (sensationalised) media coverage of the incident... which of course culminated in RG disconecting the hose in question and the now infamous "...they can KMA" quote.

But be all that as it may, the hose was hooked up to a place where (according to the tech stewards interpretation of the rules) where it was not permitted... and the exclusion was upheld.

Now all of this is quite different to the famous Celica GT4 ST205 "turbo cheat" incident committed by TTE back in the 1995 WRC... (The incident that Zeque was referring to)

Which was quite clearly a very well planned and ingeniously engineered attempt by the TTE engineers of the day to circumvent the FIA's turbo air restrictor regulation in WRC competition at that time.

A couple of TTE engineers/mechanics from that time (under the then leadership of Ove Andersson) are freinds/acquaintances of mine from the old days... and believe me, over a beer or two by a bivouac campfire one night; I could tell you a number of WRC/CCR stories (not just about Toyota mind you... but Mitsubishi, Citröen, Peugeot and Ford) where the rules have been broken (or at least bent)... and many times without being caught! All completely "off the record" and deniability of course!

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