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Originally Posted by xr400r View Post

I am curious how many miles you have/had on your Dakar motor before it needed anything or is it still untouched in your trailbike.
Funny you should ask. The motor has somewhere around 125 hours on it now, and I feel safe in saying they couldn't be much harder. About 2 weeks ago, it suddenly started consuming oil, I pulled the valve cover and saw a lifted intake valve guide seal.

A buddy and I swapped it out by locking the motor, using a compression tester to pressurize the cylinder and thus hold the valves up, and removing/ reinstalling the valve spring retainer. Since put about 15 hours on it and it's back to consuming trivial amounts of oil. Leakdown was about 7%, so rings are at least decent if clearly not new.

Pretty impressed by the beating that thing has taken! Hope the 500 proves as reliable.
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