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Originally Posted by Gila Monster View Post
Funny Yardstick. Did you know the 990 I have now is the same one Hilsamer is riding in the photo? The 990 adv is fine until you have to pick it up but you guys would help me right?

Yes pedaling in sand sucks.
I was confused for a second when I read "990" because I remember you had the 950 Adventure. I didn't know you bought Hilslamer's 990! How do you like it vs. the carbed 950? If you look close you can see I'm actually on my SE in that same picture. That ride got scary on the SE because the carbs kept flooding the engine out on the downhills. Flats, uphills and bumps seemed fine, but downhills were freaky! That bike needs EFI!

Those Adventures (and the SE, really) do lay down nice and flat when they go down. There will be plenty of people around to help if you drop it.

If you or anyone else wants to try pedaling in there, I'm game to try it. I'm not fast, but I'm usually good for 20-30 miles (or more when I ride more consistently than I have been lately). I was thinking about making a run from the High School to Ajax, just to get a taste of what it would be like.
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