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And another reason its going to be crappy, you won't hear from me for days at a time and for a really good reason I am out having an adventure, even off the bike. I have to admit I can't stand going into any medium size cities ( large no way) I am not using anything more than shitty National Geaographic Adventure maps. No GPS. When I get to a larger city its like starring into the swirl of a toilet flush. So you got to hit San Cristobal so I arrive into the centro area after asking 4 people directions to it and see the word hotel and pull over. I want to escape the narrow uhber bustling going on so It is the Best Wester of San Cristobal, I don't care if its $70 a night I'm off the grid. Next day after walking around I find a posada even closer to the square for $17 a night, nice room shared hygiene facilities. I found the city remarkably european. Next I am at the La Masilla mx-guat crossing which A) only me there (Aduana)B) they did all copies C) the bank to pay the import fee 5steps from Aduana. The town was another story, the first 300 meters were like driving thru a combination of a busy statefair venue and Marakesh.

Made my way to Sipacate on the coast of Guatamala now my destination was El Pearadon Surf Camp. After arriving and the then proceeding to ask 7or8 people directions to the actual camp, I arrive at this dead end at a riverbank. Again more questions by me and 9 guys all say I need to get the moto into the boat to get to the camp. I never got any indication from the site or emails with Rafael Sant Angelo (owner instructor) that there was some ferrying necessary. But the direction was all unanimous and they all were necessary to hump the loaded V onto the boat. Look at the Map apparently if I had come from the south I would have been able to drive in, coming from the North boat. Its located in the El Pearodon Buena Vist. And the V made it up the rutted dirt hill from the landing and then a challenging 10 blocks or so of 3 or 4 inch sand, I hate sand.

Max I don't know about the DG walk either, the discussion was over Margaritas n other, yet he and I will keep in email touch as his whole trip sounds rowdy to me--hitchiking alone. I at another time will talk more bout it as I too wondered about rivers.

Surfin is hard I suck but more in Nicaragua n El Salvador. On my way right now to the Gu Be border, pickin up my sweetie in Belize City and 9 days of 2up on the V. Adios
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