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Thanks for all the kind words!

53dodgekustom - I will definitely be up for a ride when I get this thing on the road again!

I rebuilt the forks today. I had originally planned to wait on this and get the bike up and running first, but later thought better of it and decided to go ahead and do it while the bike was apart. Like so many other things that I almost skipped out of either laziness, or dread of doing the work it A) was much needed and well worth it, and B) was much easier than I had anticipated.

Getting started:

Fork rebuild kit from BMW Hucky:

I think it's funny how much of my time has been spent modifying tools to work with the BMW. Like this 13mm socket that I had to grind flat spots on so I could put a 17mm wrench on in order to remove the bottom nut of the forks (please disregard the girlie bandage - I cut myself pretty good right away, and the only bandages I could find were my 3 year old daughter's!):

Another thing I've spent a lot of time doing is trying to get by without a tool that I don't have, only to give up and go to the store and buy the damn tool that I should've had in the first place. This time it was the snapring pliers that I needed to remove the circlip in the bottom of the fork. I should know better, but I still killed half an hour trying to do it the wrong way before I broke down and bought the tool I needed.

The first thing to drop out was a hardly recognizable rubber bump-stop bushing. Yeah, I'd say it was time to rebuild the forks!

Yes, definitely time:

The damper rod fully disassembled:

Installing new wiper rings reminded me a lot of replacing the piston rings:

New crush ring and rubber bump stop (which can't be seen). I was pretty impressed by how light the aluminum fork bottom is.

New oil seal:

Time for reassembly:

Nasty old parts that I removed:

And DONE!!!

I replaced all the washers, the springs, the rubber bushings, the crush washer on the bottom of the forks, and the fork seals. All in all, it took me about 2 hours, which included running to the store to get the snapring pliers. The first fork took me about an hour as I figured it all out, the second one took me about 25 minutes. A lot of time was spent washing each individual small part in soap and water with a toothbrush, and cleaning out the inside of the tubes. All in all though, pretty easy.

It looks the same as when I started, but I feel MUCH better now!
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